Posted on Sep 5, 2019

Simon Watson , Realtor, Walnut Creek

Home Sweet Homer: Bart Simpsons House in Nevada

Sep 5, 2019 – Mar 4, 2020
A nearly identical replica of the Simpsons’ family home was built for a giveaway but when the winner refused it, the developers had to find a buyer..By Jake Rossen..
At first glance, the two-story stucco house located on Red Bark Lane in Henderson, Nevada, looks very much the same as the neighboring homes located in the South Valley Ranch community. Neutral exterior paint covers the sides and attached garage. A rock garden has been spread over the soil. A cement walkway leads from the driveway to the front door.

Look closer and the irregularities begin to appear. The house has protruding bay windows and a rounded front entryway, which are both unusual for the prefabricated construction on the block. A chimney juts out from the roof, though Nevada residents are rarely in need of a wood-burning fire. Around the garage, some of the light-colored paint is flaking, revealing a cornea-scorching bright orange underneath.
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